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Liszt is a despooler to optimize the management of the plotters which use the HPGL language among which: Graphtec, Mutoh, Roland, Summa, ZŘnd, Jingwei, Aoke. A simple interface allows the user to control all settings and the execution sequence of a maximum of 8 tools.
Liszt takes the control of the printing process and makes AutoCAD«, ZWCAD« and Mozart free to work during printing. You can continue working during the whole printing job.

Liszt is compatible with all Windows« and AutoCAD« versions.
Only Liszt version 5 is compatible with ZWCAD«.

Plotters can be connected using serial, parallel, USB or TCP/IP port.

Liszt is available in four versions.

Version 2 to plot directly from a computer to a plotter.

Version 3 to plot directly from a computer to many plotters.

Version 4 to plot directly from a computer to a plotter or postponed from many computers to a plotter.

Version 5 to plot directly or postponed from many computers to many plotters.

The table below resumes the functions of each version.

Function Version
  2 3 4 5
Control of tools execution sequence yes yes yes yes
Calibration of distance between the tips of pen and knife yes yes yes yes
Add initialisation and termination strings yes yes yes yes
Direct plot from a computer yes yes yes yes
Direct plot from many computers       yes
Postponed plot from many computers     yes yes
Management of many plotters   yes   yes
Optimization of tools paths     yes yes
Calibration X and Y axes       yes
Preview file to plot       yes
Compatible with AutoCAD« yes yes yes yes
Compatible with ZWCAD«       yes

Mozart can interface almost all plotters and cutting tables: pen plotters, vertical and flatbed cutting plotters, cutting tables based on knife, waterjet or laser technology. Mozart can be used with all plotters that accept HP-GL commands or have a driver for Windows« and all cutting tables that accept DXF files.

Vertical cutting plotters

Graphtec FC 8600 Vertical cutting plotters are simple, fast and require a very few space to operate. They are suited for cutting thin cardboard. The small size and the very low noise allow these plotters to be installed in any place. They are up to four time faster than a flatbed plotter. Some of them have up to 8 tools (pens and knives) to plot in several colors and cutting the pattern in a single printing operation. They can not cut thick cardboard. To prevent the detaching of the pieces during the cutting they perform a dashed cut. Pieces must be manually detached from carboard after the plotter has completed the job.    Mutoh AC


Flatbed cutting plotters

Zund M1600 Flatbed cutting plotters are suggested to cut thick cardboard. The wide range of models offers a solution for any cutting requirement: from the more simple models without vacuum, up to the most complete machines with vacuum and multitools head (pen, knife, pouncher and mill). The models equipped with tangentially controlled and oscillating knife can cut reinforcements and some types of leathers and fabrics. The working surface starts from the 800x600 mm of the smaller models up to almost 3000x3000 mm.     Graphtec FC 2250-120


Cutting systems

Cutting system, specially those that can nest the pieces on the material, are the ideal machines for cutting leather and others materials.
The three cutting technologies: oscillating knife, waterjet and laser, offer a wide range of solutions. Using the AAMA plug-in Mozart can interface all the most known cutting systems.

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