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Joining the virtual design and the 3D models made by Mozart is possible to create virtual pattern-books with photographic quality images in a very short time.

The following links are samples of what it is possible to do starting from:

a 3D model designed using Mozart...

a picture...

a sketch...


from CAD model designed using Mozart

3D model designed by Mozart The tridimensional model designed using Mozart is completed adding the seams, the shadow and the background.
From this base it is possible to obtain numberless images simply applying various leathers and fabrics, adding accessories and changing the shape and the size of the model.
3D model with seams and shadow
Sample of leather  

To have images of the best quality the materials applied on the model are taken from the photographic archive.
The images obtained will have the same quality of a picture taken by a classical camera.

Model in red leather
Handle taken from archive

Parts and accessories are taken from other pictures, stored in the photographic archive, and inserted on the model.
By the digital editing the various parts are easily adapted on the new model.

Model with handle applied
Sample of yellow leather It is possible to simulate particular working effects like the rounded border of the flap and front side. Model in yellow leather
Sample of working effect Changes of color or material can be done on the whole model or on some parts of it.
Numberless variations can be realized from the original image.
Model in green pig leather


Indicative working times in Virtual Design (minutes)
Preliminary preparation of the image. 30'  - 45' 
Adding the seams. 10'  - 20' 
Adding the shadow and background. 10'
First application of material and corrections. 20'  - 30' 
Adding accessories and corrections.

Depending on accessories.

Next application of material. 10' - 20'


from picture...

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A project, numberless variations.

Click on the thumbnail to see the picture.

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from sketch...

Style sketch Variation in red Variation in purple